Thistlerock Mead Co.

Sustainable Packaging for a Net-Zero Brand

In the case of Thistlerock Mead Company, there was much to admire in a “mission-based business, with an overriding focus on creating a place of community through radical inclusivity and sustainability”.  Our brief was to tell its unique story via bold branding & packaging and then continue the conversation through infographics and other thoughtful brand outreach.

The first step was an instantly recognizable and reproducible brand logo -  artisanal and elegant – designed to realign the perception of mead toward a modern, premium beverage option with sustainability at its core.  We took inspiration from mead's long history in Celtic folklore; using the triple spiral as the inspiration for the  interwoven linework, forming an abstracted hive and wings to represent the the honeybees who are at the core of making this all possible, presented in a contemporary monoweight style.

Meanwhile our designers began to work on the package aesthetics and material choices. Thistlerock's mead is housed in wild glass: 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. Not only does this speak to sustainability goals, it feels natural -  they further reduce waste by not rejecting imperfect glass - so each piece of glass can be unique unto itself. We also identified a closure that is produced from distillation by-products, thus being in-line with their net-zero objectives.

Each bottle label fully embraces the story-telling aspect of Thistlerock’s brand in a highly illustrative manner (all illustration is done in-house). It finds inspiration in the rich legacy of tapestries and how they carried the tales of the communities they were made for. For example: a stag and bear, representing the advocates and protectors of nature, reach towards the branches of a Celtic-knotted tree meant to symbolise the heart of the forest and land, tying clearly to Thistlerock’s story. From packaging, we move to outreach, creating infographics that draw on the client’s foundation of a circular ecosystem - the visualization is bold, eye-catching, and informative. In a competitive – and capricious - marketplace, we understand that capturing attention is never easy. That's why we always go the extra mile to ensure your brand can meet the mindful ideals of today’s consumers.


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