Lágrimas Del Valle

Terroir-based Tequila

Lágrimas Del Valle is as vibrant and unique as the concept it represents. All releases are distilled at Tequila Cascahuín from individual agave ranches resulting in every vintage being unique to the terroir it embodies. Each component of the packaging was considered, from the reclaimed and imperfect glass to the custom molded bottle and the vibrant label that reflects the rich cultural and ecological history of where the agave is sourced.

The Lágrimas identity needed to be rooted in the land that the liquid is drawn from. The logo design finds inspiration in the archeological sites outside the town of El Arenal, Jalisco. Round pyramids called guachimontones, can only be found at this historical site and are believed to be places of meaningful events. A monument just as unique as the individual fields Lágrimas del Valle is sourced from.

Modular in nature, the label quickly adapts as each expression is released, with the rancho unico and vintage centered on the bikini label as well the top of the bottle. The primary label anchors the brand with swaths of eye catching foil and the colors of the soil and sun. The bottom label carries the story of each estate and notes about the terroir and tequila it produces.


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