"The flexibility of the illustrations allows us to create a cohesive brand while planning for future growth."

June 15, 2018

Storied Goods Artisanal Food Package Design

storied goods granola logo design

Storied Goods came to us with highly developed artisanal food products that needed to be branded and packaged for retail & distribution. Watermark was challenged with developing a brand that seamlessly combined the Great Smoky Mountains, a history in Denmark, and Southern culture. The idea that food brings family, friends, or strangers together to savor and celebrate, and sometimes share a story or two, is an overarching theme for this brand.


Beginning with the logo design, the foundation for every brand, we developed a stamp that features a monoline Catchfly – a red flower distinctive to the Smoky Mountain region. The illustration was created in a symmetrical style that pays homage to Scandinavian folk design.

Following the stamp creation, the wide, serif font hugs the circular logo, providing a grounding home. “Goods” was hand lettered in a monoline weight to reflect the illustration style of the logo.

By starting with the logo design, Storied was able to begin launching the brand with a new social media presence and website, while we were developing the first package design.

storied goods granola package design


Storied Good’s inaugural product was their first of many granola products, Cherry Baby (named for its ingredients with a touch of humor). Many new start-ups are required to use stock packaging for budgetary reasons. Our goal was to elevate the look and feel of these bags to the highest degree possible. A kraft paper backed bag was chosen from the available options to exude organic and natural feel, while showing the product through the front window.

In order to keep the food untampered, the bags needed to be sealed. The process of heat sealing was unavailable to Storied Goods, so we developed the back label to extend up and around the top of the bag – functioning as both a label and a food safe seal.

The primary, front label was developed as an extension to the logo, featuring monoline illustrations of flowers and plant life. The colors were chosen as a variant on the dried cherry color that gives Cherry Baby granola its name.

Storied Goods Granola Package Design Endless summer

The second granola flavor that will be released midsummer 2018 is called Endless Summer, perfect to beconsumed year round, but harkens back to those warm nights, tropical drinks, and pool days. This label was created with a sunny yellow color scheme and the illustrations have been replaced with palm branches, coconut trees, and tropical flora, further extending the brand through custom illustration. This illustration can be extracted to be used as brand elements online and in print collateral.

The flexibility of the illustrations allows us to create a cohesive brand while planning for future growth.

storied goods sugar cube label design

While developing these granola packages, we are also working on bringing Storied Goods artisanal sugar cubes into production and onto shelves. In order to keep the labels in line with the granola, the sugar cube label design features flora sprouting from the dark band that runs along the bottom of the sticker, matching the granola packaging. A top sticker was created in order to ensure that the brand is visible from any angle at retail.

We look forward to sharing more as the Storied Goods brand expands. Savor & Celebrate with good friends, family & food!