Blingnova Vodka

Glam and Space Dust

Blingnova Vodka–an organic, corn-based vodka crafted from grains locally grown in NY and then milled, mashed & molded by Matchbook Distilling. The bling in Blingnova is visualized through the deep, rich gold foil stamping, making the package super tactile. The typography marries vintage and modern with a touch of 50’s space race. Prompted by glam and space dust—we crafted a 3 part label that drapes this organic vodka in gold letterpress from head to toe. The subtle arch between the 2 main labels reflects the earth’s natural horizon line as it arches up towards the heavens, parting to allow the beautiful clear liquid to shine.


Package Design


2021 SF World Spirits Package Design ~ Bronze


The neck wrap finishes the package design, topping the bottle with a small star to represent a supernova, the beginning of a great star, and in this case a quality liquid.