"Founded on strong agricultural heritage and Virginia history, Brix & Columns offers a unique experience in wine and architecture."

November 7, 2018

Brix & Columns Branding & Label Design

Located on 160 acres of rolling farmland, Brix & Columns roots spread deep in both the land and history of Central Virginia. Owned and operated by the Pence family, the vineyards offer a unique experience in wine and architecture. Each of the buildings on the Pence property boasts beautiful Jeffersonian architecture, a tribute to the innovation and inspiration that Thomas Jefferson brought to the area.

Brix & Columns partnered with Watermark in 2016 to design a brand to reflect the history and artistry that defines the vineyard.

Logo Development

We approached the logo development with a clear creative brief, to visualize the architecture and tone of the property: Jeffersonian, rural & historic.
The primary mark features a pen & ink illustration of the historic house on the property, paying homage to Jefferson’s original architectural renderings.

Label Development

Utilizing the logo as the centerpiece for each label, we integrated various elements and cues that further defined the tone and experience Brix & Columns offers.
Each label features a distinct Chippendale pattern, moments of goil foil, and a die that reveals half of a Doric column on each side of the label (suggested through negative space).
To differentiate between varietals, we utilized two distinct colors – a rich earthy green for the whites, and a earthy maroon for the reds.

In 2018, we worked with Brix to develop their ‘Six Penny’ Port labels. While the label needed to tie in with the red & white varietals, we wanted it to be a stand alone experience.
The label features a bold copper foil and round die, visualizing the name ‘Six Penny’.