March 3, 2016

Case Study

Tarara Winery Brand & Wine Label Refresh

Tarara Winery Label Redesign

Tarara Winery tasked Watermark Design with maintaining the brand equity built since their first grapes were planted, in 1987, as well as a personal attachment to the existing imagery. We were asked to bring the brand in-line with the quality of wine being produced today.

The new wine label design is pictured above [Right]. We maintained the existing imagery by reducing it’s size and presence, while concentrating on a minimalist design, which reflects the single vineyard blends Tarara specializes in.

The winery itself runs along the Potomac river, which is evoked through the die-cuts flowing across the label. The execution of this label during bottling was also unique and ground-breaking, due to the unique die-cut. The design team, printer, bottling company and client worked together to ensure a successful application of this unique design.