Turning Barley into Badass Milk

Branding & Package Design

Designed with L.A. Libations for Molson Coors, GoldenWing uses the highest quality barley from the Coors barley program to create a plant-based alternative milk. Not boring, basic or bland, this brand aims to bring you a bad ass alternative that is focused on quality, nutritional value and sustainability. The creation of this product coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Coors Barley Program, which partners with over 700 farmers with the goal of reducing water usage, future-proofing crops and ensuring barley supplies are sustainable. Beyond the branding, the badass part is bringing 60% less sugar, 50% more calcium, and 2x's the Vit. D3 than 2% milk.


BrandingPackage DesignIllustration


2023 World Brand Design Awards : Bronze

Once the logo design was complete, we began custom illustrating a holistic layout that highlights the most important call outs with vintage tattoo inspired graphic containers.