Ingleside Vineyards

Chesapeake Series Wine Label Design

Nestled between the Rappahannock and the Potomac Rivers, and edging the Chesapeake Bay, Ingleside Vineyards is centered within a rich, beautiful ecosystem. We were tasked with re-designing their 'Chesapeake Series' with a fresh, modern direction. From the Red Drum to the Blue Crab, each label features a different facet of the Chesapeake's flora or fauna, custom-painted with life-like detail. The package design continues upward, highlighting Ingleside's coordinates on the custom capsule, and is topped with a nautical emboss. Faced forward on-shelf, you are presented with a clean, minimal design, only hinting at the experience you will receive with a turn of the bottle, encouraging you to pick it up.


BrandingWine Label DesignDigital Painting


Rich, detailed digital paintings are juxtaposed with modern, minimal labels to create a unique and eye-catching design.