"Perceived quality gets it in their hands, actual quality keeps them as a customer."

October 15, 2018

Does your Packaging Match your Product? How to Sell More!

You might have the highest quality product on the shelf – it’s amazing! So why is the lesser quality product next to yours selling out?

A customer walks into a store and they look at a shelf of craft beverages that they have NEVER TASTED. They want to try something new, and all they have to go on is what they see on-shelf. The product that tells them what they want to hear is the one they are going to buy.

Whether that is a beautiful label, a recent award listed on the label, a story they can relate to on the back, or ingredients they enjoy – they are buying based on what you are telling and showing them and how that relates to what they enjoy.

Our job, as branding and package design experts, is to do all of these things – to tell your story through a beautiful package design, prioritize important information that matters to your market, and share it all in a clear, digestible manner so that you are an easy selection in those few minutes they spend in front of the shelf. Also doing it in a way that is different than your competitors can help grab their eye.

We believe that good design drives sales through increased shelf presence.

Which package do they look at first? Which package do they pick up to investigate further – once they have picked it up, you have won half the battle.

Your packaging needs to match the quality of your product in order to sell on-shelf, when you can not be present to sell your brand. Your package design can convey quality. If your packaging looks good, the consumer can tell you have invested in your brand, which means you believe in your product.

Perceived quality gets it in their hands,
actual quality keeps them as a customer.

Good packaging also gets you past the velvet rope. With ever-crowding shelves, retailers have to make tough decisions about limited shelf space. They need to be able to sell your product for their success as well, and they will select the product that looks like it has the best chance of being purchased.

“…according to Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Category Shopping Fundamentals study, only 29% of consumers know which brand they intend to buy before they enter a store. The remaining 71% of consumers are making their decisions as they peruse the options on the shelf. So what can wine manufacturers take to stand out and land in consumers’ baskets?”

Will yours be the product chosen? 

If you are not sure, give us a call.