Hand-drawn illustrations and lettering evoke Tolkien art and illuminated text in this rare tenth anniversary brew

November 8, 2017

Adambeor Found

Raised from near extinction, this rare German beer was brewed in honor of Blue Mountain Brewery’s 10th anniversary (Using the Old English spelling). Custom illustrations and hand-lettering evoke Tolkien art and illuminated text with subtle highlights of foil throughout this beer label design.

Adambier front beer label design

The illustration was drawn in pencil, and then hand-painted in watercolor.

Adambier side beer label design

A cold foil process was used instead of hot foil to achieve an imperfect, ‘brushed-on’ look, more consistent with the aged look of this beer label.

Adambier back beer label design

The text on the back text was developed with Professor Peter Barker, at the University of Virginia. The text emulates grammatical construction of Old English text.

Adambier front beer label design cropped

Attention to detail runs through the label and finishes with a neck label, continuing the floral illustration.