December 31, 2020

2020: A year in Review from the Watermark team

Like many or most small businesses, the spring Covid closure was tough going for us as well, with many of our clients being in the hospitality space. With hard work and many a blessing, we found a way through, emerging with several new gray hairs, but also with renewed & continued gratitude and appreciation for each and every project and client who trusts us with their brand and their livelihoods. It is those clients who make it possible to do what we love and in turn support our livelihoods as designers.

We are so grateful to say that 13 years was not our ending, but a new beginning. Thank you to each and every person who made and makes this statement possible.

We are so excited to see many of our clients beginning their own recovery, starting anew with a fresh perspective on their businesses.

This new perspective is causing people to evaluate their brands, looking at the New Year as a time for a refresh, so we are working on many a brand and/or package refresh right now.

We are thrilled to have also added a new designer to our team of unicorns. Seth joined Sean, Rebekah, Sue and Darcey to round out our dream team this year.

Despite the challenges, there were many successes as summer turned into fall and now winter, so to focus on the positive and celebrate this eve of the New Year, here are some of our highlights: 

and so much more. 

Cheers to 2021 and what is to come.